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I have been a full-time professional jeweler and engraver for the past 22 years.   I designed this site for one purpose and one purpose only…  To help you!

Whether you are;

  • A professional jeweler seeking to operate a more profitable business, expand your line, learn new techniques or tips. Or…
  • A hobbyist or aspiring jeweler who feels uncertain about how to get started quickly

I will be offering free insights about

  • Being Artistic
    • The creative process
    • Developing your own style
    • Avoiding and escaping artist’s block
  • Being successful
    • Getting started
    • Developing systems to succeed
  • Techincal Topics
    • Tools
    • Tricks
    • Techniques

If  you have an interest in metal-smithing, making jewelry or engraving, you will certainly find value in  the content here.  I urge you to visit often as new content is added daily.

Thank you!

Jim Brandvik


Some Tips on How to Stay Creative and Productive

Here are three important factors in being creative and productive With extremely rare exception, I think we are each capable of being artists.  I therefore don’t necessarily feel comfortable claiming to have some magic power, aka, “talent”.  Talent implies some are “gifted” and others are not.  By the same token, I also believe that we …


I am all about helping you succeed in your journey as a jeweler or engraver.  I have been working as a professional full-time metal artist for 22 years.  When I started, information was difficult to acquire.  The world was a different place then.  There was a pervasive secrecy among metal artists whether they were jewelers, or engravers.  If you wanted information, you basically had to pay for it.  If you wanted hands on training, you had to pay dearly!

Happily, the Internet has eliminated that guild-like secrecy to a large degree.

So, are you ready to  get started?

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