A bit of blunt wisdom.

Years ago someone shared some blunt wisdom with me and it has helped me often in life.  I would like to share it  with you now as well.  Are you ready?…

“Nobody cares about your ideas.  They only care about what you do with your ideas.”

That bit of wisdom was imparted to me at a job interview by a prospective employer many years ago.  I was a young man with no experience and little education, but I had a lot of big ideas.  I didn’t get the job.  But I knew those words were true and they stayed with me.

I use those words to keep me from getting too complacent in life and in business.  I am a pretty good procrastinator.  I find it much easier to start than to finish.  Whether it is a silversmith project, a YouTube video or a new tool idea , my biggest obstacle in getting across the finish line is always me.

Being creative is a great thing.  Being creative AND disciplined is a rare thing. If you are both, then you are a truly blessed and you should be writing this article instead of me.

But I brought it up, so I will continue…

Consider this,  Uber (the taxi alternative) started in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.  They started the company with no assets;  only an idea.  The company currently does over $20 billion in annual revenue.  It is expected that the company will become publicly traded next year.  Uber has fundamentally changed the transportation business.  They don’t own a fleet of cabs and busses.  They essentially only own an app.

No if you could go back in time to 2008 before the company even started and you heard Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick pitch their idea to you. Do you think you would have been excited to invest in their company?  I’m guessing probably not.  It would have sounded like  just another crazy idea that would never work in the real world.

The fact is that they actually had to  create the software and put it out into the world in order to make their idea into something “tangible” before anyone really cared.

So stop thinking about your big idea.  Nobody cares…  But when you discipline yourself to actually bring it to reality and the world can see it and hold it in their hands.  It will be awesome. So go for it!

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  1. i get it. i like it. you’re spot on. i’ve made lotsa cool stuff… kept some of the best thinking i would use them as patterns…. but rarely do. thanks
    that inspired me.

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