Meet The King Bee!

I have recently opened an account on Instagram.  One of things I like about Instagram is that the it is more visually based than most other social media platforms which is perfect for us jewelry artists! 

Since joining Instagram, I have found several new artists whose work is truly innovative and inspiring.  

One of those artists who has become a favorite of mine can be found on Instagram under the username @kingbeeworkshop . King Bee Workshop (AKA Chet Felkins) 

The King Bee is in Arizona and he is masterful in the way he infuses Southwest style with a contemporary twist, the likes of which I have never seen before.  If you could use a little inspiration, click the image below to see my “Featured Artist” tribute  to  his work.  

, friHelping to promote worthy new artists is something I hope to do a lot more of in the future.  I have a growing community on YouTube, FaceBook and now on Instagram which collectively amounts to several thousand interested people. So if you would like  me to feature your work,  (especially if you are using my tools to help you) please be sure to tag me in your social media posts so I will be able to see your work for consideration.  

Be sure to follow @kingbeeworkshop on Instagram to  get a behind the scenes look  and see what else he is doing.  

You can also follow me there as well @jimbrandvik

Stay Creative friends!!

2 Replies to “Meet The King Bee!”

  1. Love the Freddy Fender Btw. I am the biggest fan of the tool ! I have made the bezels without the tool but of you know how much I love it !
    Anyway I have been trying to get a bigger following on Instagram to sell my creations but it’s been a struggle . I have been on etsy for several years but haven’t sold too much I seem to make more in person by word of mouth but I was hoping to get a bigger internet following.
    I also see.m To struggle with branding myself and finding a niche or style . If you have any suggestions I wohld love the help. Thanks !

    1. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your comments. I wanted to wait a few weeks to get a grip on Instagram before trying to answer your question about branding on Instagram. As a newby to Instagram, I am shooting from the hip with any advise I can give, but FaceBook and Instagram are owned by the same people now, so take what you have learned on FaceBook and try to apply it to Instagram. Here’s what I “think” will gain traction on IG:
      1. Post often. Maybe 3 times per day at different times of the day.
      2. Use stories also because some IG viewers/users gravitate to the “stories” more than the regular feed.
      3. Know what your goal is. Write it down. Example: “My goal is to make 2 sales per week from Instagram efforts”.
      4. Keep your content conducive with your goals. It’s fine to post behind the scenes type content which ties back to what your goals are. Give people a peek at your process in making jewelry. Whatever you do, don’t get too far off into the weeds. Example: Don’t post pictures of your cat each day and wonder why the only people who are following you are cat-people.
      5. Mix things up. Try videos. Instagram let’s you post up to 15 seconds of video at a time.
      6. Ask people for their opinions. Example: “Which stone would you rather go in this piece?”.
      7. Let people see your face. People want to know who they are buying from. Don’t be too shy. This takes practice. DOn’t judge yourself too harshly. A smile improves everyone’s appearance.
      8. Try to be consistent with your “look”. This IS your brand. If you have a cool logo, use it on everything you do. Watermark it into your photos; use it in your Etsy store or website. Get people familiar with your look; your “brand”. If you don’t have a cool logo, get one!
      Hopefully this will spark some new ideas. Finally, let me say that these are things everyone struggle with, me included.

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